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Food Order Technology & Marketing

Website, online order system, advertising. You control all the profits.

FEASTBOT is the ultimate all-you-can-eat technology and marketing suite for food service establishments. Our partners include restaurants, pizzerias, deli's, food-trucks, corporate caterers, and much more. FEASTBOT helps restauranteurs increase revenue and reduce expenses by providing a complete affordable solution including: a beautiful website digital presence, a simple online ordering/menu system, customer and inventory management, and valuable search/social media marketing.

FEASTBOT is partnered with the very best website, menu management, restaurant order and advertiser services and technologies. We provide a single turn-key affordable online food order system with profits that you control.

Food Order Profits and Customer Relationships That You Control

FEASTBOT Order System
FEASTBOT Order System

Simple, Fast and Secure Online Ordering

Our custom built template includes a website, marketing, and menu/ordering system ready to go. It allows your customers to find you, place and order and pay online from any device in a few simple steps.


We build a complete website and advertise your restaurant ordering services online.

Menu & Ordering

We build your menu and online order system and manage all the aspects of setup/operations.

Secure Payments

We setup secure customer online payment processing and link the payment provider.

FEASTBOT Website Screen - Mijos Pizza
FEASTBOT Order Screen - Mijos Pizza

Two Critical Advantages that Our Food Order System Has to Offer

Profit Control

No more 20% to 30% fees from the big players. FEASTBOT offer a $0 no-commission option and a system that we or you own and manage. Our advertising focus is local, eliminating the wasted commission fees that other service providers bake-in invisibility charging you to market to geographic areas where you don't sell. In turn, expanding their business offering. If you are a local food establishment that targets a specific area and want more control, then you stand to benefit from our system pricing model as well as the customer base that we advertise to.

Customer Relationships 

You lose control of the most important aspect of your business when you select most other order services. That is: the lost control of key customer information and the critical business relationship. Our business model is designed to not only expand and control our revenue, advertising, and customer base, but most importantly - it's to expand and control yours. This is accomplished by providing an free system where you control customer order flow, advertising options, and payment fees. The system and advertising is targeted to reduce your spend, increase your revenue, and gain valuable ordering insights that build customer loyalty and repeat business. All this in a package that is either commission-less or paid commission allowing you  these options - even an option for the customer pay the fee.

We've Come a Long Way

FEASTBOT is a startup app that started in a home office in Clark New Jersey in 2015.

FEASTBOT is a company offering a single turn-key solution/bundle of affordable and simple to use website, food ordering, and local marketing services. The service was in the making for nearly 3 years. The web design, app development and marketing company under which the FEASTBOT service was established is BMECOM LLC, founded in 2013.


We likely have a lot in common. For standard a-la-carte menus, we target a market similar to ours, meaning a smaller growing small businesses. We appreciate the struggle to retain profit margins for smaller mom and pop shops, and our goal is to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and give you control of the technology to help you sell your services profitably. When it comes to catering, we've built and demonstrated solutions and presented proven prototypes to some large corporations. At this point and time, our system is able to integrate large corporate ordering menus and payment providers using the system technologies that we've assembled.

FEASTBOT is the effort of multiple years of design, development and testing of various independent code, integrations, products and third-party services. Just like a recipe, we've made some mistakes, but worked long and hard to ensure that it's just right. We have immense experience in the field of web technology product development, best practices, payments, security compliance and overall hosting/operations with highly competent professionals on our team. Be sure to contact us for a live demo if you would like to learn more!  



What People are Saying

Our merchants love the control and options afforded to them.

“The website and order system is working great. We decided to go with the ownership option. I love the fact that it's simple to use and how I own and control it. We see an average of 5 orders a day with no major technical issues.”

“We've seen our profits increase 50% since signing up with FEASTBOT. We no longer need to worry about cost, the customer is happy to pay the small commission fee for the ordering convenience. The system is like owning a second virtual store!”

“It is beneficial that FEASTBOT manages the website, order system and marketing. We benefit from the increased orders and low commission. The design, setup and menu management is so easy. FEASTBOT takes care of all the technical needs at a very fair price.”

Marty V. - Mijo's Pizza

Erika D. - Erika's Cucina

Ling Z. - Clark Breakfast


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You have three ways to control your online orders and profits!


Please contact us to inquire about our pricing model, but we have good news for you - it’s practically free to our merchants using our turn-key marketing and profit strategy! You will simply payment provider swipe fee in most arrangements, and we even have a solution for that!

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